Having a motivation "low"? Read through this page for great advice from people who stuck with it, and are glad they did!


"Find yourself a small motivated group of people that can make it happen with you (too big groups loose their "power" during the development of the project). And do not forget about project leader (who is aware of the responsibility that comes with the job and can motivate and lead the group, when there are "low times"). In short: "Do not give up!""
- Ola, Med Nights 2013


"Anything can be a project! When you are starting a project, ask yourself: "Do I really want this to be a success?" and run for it. When you face some difficulties, try to visualize the project being a success. Make sure you know how to contact and who can help you. But motivation is the only essential key."
- Flora, Shaking Hands


"- Dedicate plenty of time to structured, but creative brainstorming
- Timelines! With "to-do's" assigned to specific persons.
- Only because YOU are the project group, does not mean that it is not possible, and desirable, to involve others. Make the project bigger than your group - this will also bring bigger meaning to your work.
- Make sure the group does more than just work. Building a team requires "fun time"."
- Jonas, Con Lupa